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Frequently Ask Questions ( FAQs)

How Hacker New Upvotes Works?

To upvote a post or comment, you need to have a Hacker News account and be logged in. Once you’re logged in, you can click the up arrow next to the post or comment you want to upvote. Upvoting a post or comment increases its visibility and can help it reach a wider audience on the site.

Why should I buy Hacker News Upvotes?

Hacker News consists primarily of these two social news websites, computer science, and entrepreneurship.
Hacker news upvotes allow users to express their approval or support for a specific post. Upvotes propel a post to the top of the site and serve as a gauge of how many people agree with the content.

How can I get my new hacker post to the top?

The more upvotes you receive, the faster your post will appear on the front page.

Why should you buy Hacker News Upvotes from GooRapid?

We do our best to provide quality upvotes, and we never use VPNs or proxies to do so. We have real communities, and everyone has their own account on hacker news.

How many upvotes do you provide per day?

Hacker news upvotes are difficult to provide, we provide around 10 upvotes per hour to ensure a safe process. We can provide higher upvotes upon client request, but the risk is on the client.

Can I buy Hacker news comments?

Yes, in addition to Hacker news upvotes, we also offer Hacker news comments.

Why it is important to purchase hacker news upvotes along with comments?

Hacker news algorithm is very powerful. To demonstrate that your upvotes are genuine, you should include some comments, and the client should respond to the comments as soon as possible.

Can GooRapid begin delivering upvotes as soon as the order is placed?

Yes, upvotes begin immediately after the order is placed. We only need 5 to 10 minutes to notify our community and begin working on your order.

Can I distribute Hacker News upvotes across multiple posts?

Yes, all upvotes will be distributed equally across all posts.

What information should I provide so that GooRapid can begin working on my order?

Hacker news does not work on the basis of URLs, we will need a screenshot of your post as well as your post title in text form.

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50 Upvotes + 10 Comments, 100 Upvotes + 20 Comments