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Format: Username : Password : Email : Passwordtomail : 2FA

Important Note:
Please do not change the passwords of the delivered accounts. According to a recent Facebook policy update, changing the password and other information on a Facebook account can flag or disable the account. We guarantee that the passwords of delivered accounts will be secure for the rest of their lives. If the account is disabled after changing the password, we will not be liable to provide a replacement.

1)Login for the first time at http://mbasic.facebook.com/
2)After logging in to the account use it for sometime like few hours or a day
3)Do not change the password.
4) let us know if it asks for approval.

*** Some additional instructions are provided below***

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Recommendations for working with any account:

1. Use quality proxy servers: If you log in to several accounts with the same IP address, all of your accounts can be banned.

2. Limits and human-like actions:

If you immediately begin doing bulk operations on an account (for example, thousands of likes, hundreds of messages, and so on), your accounts are more likely to be blocked.

Solution: For a less secure operation, you must first perform certain common actions that a regular person would do after registering. Fill out the page, subscribe to a few users, leave a few likes, add some images, make a few reposts, comments, and so on.

3. When logging into several accounts, use separate devices.

4. Login with Cookies:

If the accounts are provided with cookies, you must sign in to the account using the cookies by importing extension.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the provided account(s).

Thank you!
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