Meta verified

Don`t use a free VPN. It sometimes doesn`t change the location

After connecting to the VPN, you must confirm your IP address and location on the website listed below.

This will indicate whether or not your IP address has been fully changed to the United States or not.

1) Mind it, Never approve any device approval request other than your device.
2) You can change the password after login.
3) We will add your email and WhatsApp number for authentication to secure the account more.
4) Always use a single static USA IP address.
5) Delete all previous posts, and add 6 to 8 your pictures.
6) Change the profile picture to yours and remember never approve any device if you think it’s not yours.
7) Navigate to Meta verification settings and apply.
8) If you have used the wrong IP or IP other than the USA then the account will show Meta not verified. Then go to the meta setting in your mobile app and apply for the Meta waitlist.